Monday, November 7, 2011

Ivy St. Market & Blogging Friends!

The Ivy St. Market was so much fun! I have lots of pictures to share. I got a new Apple Computer that I am trying to learn as I go. I found that I can have some fun editing pictures with it. This post is using the "antique" effects which goes well with my vintage trailer theme!
My FAVORITE part of the day was when some darling blogger friends I have never met, came to visit! I was thrilled to pieces and it was so surreal! I love these women. They are just as cute as their blogs!
From left to right:
Shelly, a soon~to~be blogger, Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage, Kris from Simplify, me, and Elaine from Sunny Simple Life.
Shelly, Patty and Elaine came together. 
While we were chatting, we heard a voice say "hi I am Kris from Simplify!" Of course we let out a big scream!

Then we heard someone shyly say "I am a lurker and have used lots of your recipes!"
This is sweet Karen and she brought her dear Mother.
I was touched and honored to met them all. xox
My hair sure went flat by the time it started. I started setting up at 5:30am, it was still wet and cold out (38 degrees). So any curls I may have had, were gone...
Here are some pics of my displays.
Now for a few pics of the inside of the trailer!
It was fun watching people coming in and out of the trailer all day taking pictures! The guys loved it as much as the gals.
Daughter Shelli, thank you so much for all your help too! A special day to always remember.
Looking forward to the next Ivy St. Market.
Do you like the vintage antique effect on the pictures?

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