Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Part # 3 Heidi's Baby Shower

Sweet Hailey loved the baby shower held for her mommy! Her nails and dress match the punch!
Hailey and best friend Rina passed out the goodies for the games. This game is called "My water Broke!" Tiny plastic baby in frozen cube. First 3 to melt the cube and baby is completely out, shouts "My water broke!" wins!
Second game "The Poopie  Diaper!"
We just put a little piece of brown fabric inside 3 diapers. 3 happy winners!
Sweet Heidi opening her gifts, while dear friend Stephanie writes what she gets. She is writing them in the cute baby journal I made! Can you see the cute "stork" pen she is using?
 Tammy made Heidi a special little batch of German Chocolate cake pops! I had one, to die for!
 This diaper cake made by Ana was adorable! Cutest one I have ever seen!
Another wonderful gift Heidi received from Stephanie is a huge set of handmade THANK YOU cards! What a clever gift!
 What a fun shower! Isn't this stork pen adorable?! Great find Shelli!
Hope you got some ideas!
 Now we will wait patiently for our sweet 13th grandbaby BOY!

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