Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Part #2 of Heidi's Baby Shower!

Daughter Shelli and I had so much fun planning the shower for daughter Heidi! We spent weeks planning and it all came together as we dreamed it to be! More pictures!
We used all my different quilts & china. Shelli made all the darling cupcakes for the centerpieces! Cute, cute!
We set up for 32 guests. Moved all the furniture out of our family room!
  Used used Maison jars and cute straws for drinking. The women giggled and loved it!
 To drink, we made refreshing cucumber water and blue fruit punch with 7-Up! Both were popular.
Yes, rubber duckies!
Yummy chicken salad! I will post recipes later!
Shelli's wonderful salsa!
 Another family favorite..."Oh, So Good Cheese Ball"!
Yes, I will post the recipe! 
Make sure you look at post #3 below!
Keep strolling down!
More of the shower!

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