Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Part #1 of Heidi's Baby Shower!

Welcome to my daughter Heidi's Baby Shower held this past weekend!
 Daughter Shelli and I had so much fun planning this special day for her! I have posted 3 posts for you to see it all and get some ideas! Here goes with post #1!
 I made this sweet journal for guest to sign and write in gifts given by guests and her thoughts.
We bought this large banner through Oriental Trading Company. Hung on the garage door to welcome guests.
Sweet diaper wreath we bought on Etsy!
Vintage shoes hanging on door handle.
Shelli made pastel pompoms here, there and everywhere!
A candy bar for the guest to package up a little Thank You token as they left.
This family bassinet is 77 years old! 21 babies in the family have used it starting in the 1930's!
Yes, Heidi was in it awhile back!
 Pictures before the guest arrived and food was out.
We had fun filling the centerpiece with baby supplies!
Baby garland from my Beehive Cottage Etsy shop!
Vintage flower planters from when I had my babies!
Little baby touches everywhere.
The other 2 posts are below! 
Keep strolling down!

Oh, it was soooo much fun!

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