Monday, September 12, 2011

A Dozen FRESH Eggs!

Our 2 sweet hens supply us with 2 eggs a day. They seem to add up quite fast, and we are able to share them now! I always know when a hen has laid her egg for the day because of all the excitement and joyful sounds they make! They cheer each other on, or as they say "egg each other on"! Gracie is laying larger eggs then Flossie but I am sure hers will become larger as the  hens continue to mature.
This first "official" set of a dozen eggs went to our daughter Heidi! Can't wait to hear what she bakes with them!!!
Those incredible eggs!
I was thinking that if I ever run out of eggs, all I need to do is wait until the morning and I will have 2 waiting for me! Enough to make a batch of yummy cookies! :)

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