Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Mr. Postman!

I love when the postman has brought a nice surprise! 
It sure can make your day! This sweet package is from 
Aunt Ruthie at
I just love darling Aunt Ruthie (Ruthann)! She is a inspiration to thousands.
She loves my crocheted dishcloths so I sent her a few. As a thank you she sent me this...
Look how cute this card is and the pie has "sugar" glitter on it! Get it? "Sugar Pie Farmhouse"
So sweet.
I am oohing over these clothespins!
Oh, and how I love to fly, dream, imagine, love & hopefully inspire... 
She gave me a apron from her personal collection! 
On her blog this is one of the many aprons she has worn. 
I know my cooking will improve wearing it!
My dress form is styling now!
And true to (form) Aunt Ruthie, pearls are a must!
My heart be still!
Sweet detail.
Thank you Aunt Ruthie,
you are my Sugar Pie Sista too! xox
Now off to tie the apron on and make a Buttermilk Pie!  
I got the recipe from Aunt Ruthie a couple years ago. 
The recipe is on the top of my sidebar! 
Soooo yummy!

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