Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chick News!

Chick update...they are 10 weeks today!
I am amazed how fast they have grown. I have some shocking news! Do you see one is quite larger than the other two with a large tail? Well it turns out Sadie is a rooster! Some very loud, strange sounds have been coming out of her (him) this week?! Yes, a rooster and a very sweet one too. They were suppose to be all hens but picking 3 out of 100+ chicks, the odds were low but a little rooster could be among them! The sad :( part is I cannot have a rooster where I live. Sadie (now Sam) will be heading to a big ranch to live with lots of "chicks"...LOL! He will be very happy there even tho he was sure loving his 2 girls here. Someone said roosters are mighty tasty! I could never eat him!!! Actually I do not eat chicken anymore but looking forward to some fresh eggs for baking. I will miss Sadie/Sam.
Look how big Gracie is. Love her markings. She is a Barred Rock. Flossie is a Red New Hampshire. Both great layers. I plan on getting 2 more chickens.
Below are some sneak peeks at the chicken coop hubby is building! I was going to wait and unveil it after it was done but I couldn't wait! Bet you will never guess ;) what the front of it is...
that's where the nesting boxes will be.
The piece is over 100 years old.

 I will keep you posted on the Chick News! 
Have a wonderful week!

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