Monday, April 4, 2011

Chick News!

I am in Love! Our little chicks are 2 weeks old today and they are growing fast! For sometime now, I have wanted a little brood of chickens for fresh organic eggs. Last week I decided to go for it! I talked with chicken owners, did some research on the Internet and bought a great book on raising backyard chickens! I am so excited. They live in a large box with a heat lamp in the house until they are old enough to go into a coop.
This weekend they had their first day out on the grass! They loved it!  
Sweet granddaughter Hailey came to help. She is becoming a true blue farm girl!
Hailey wearing a sweet pink dress is holding Sadie, while Flossie and Gracie are sunning posing.
I named the chicks after my grandmother and 2 of her sisters, plus 7 more siblings who grew up on a farm in Missouri. xox
Love our new babies!

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