Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chick News!

An update on the chicks...they are growing! They are now 7 weeks old. Sweet, fun and a delight! 
Hubby is making the coop and wait till you see what this man is up to! A coop you have never seen before!
 These books very helpful. I love the author Ashley English~Keeping Chickens. She has other books out and the series is called~
Homemade Living.
 This book I bought at the feed store when I bought the chicks.
 I read this book to them just before I tuck them in their coop each night! ;)

 I LOVE my Hunter rubber boots! They fit like a glove and I could wear them all day.
They are eating their 2nd stage of food now, just like a baby. Starter~Grow Crumbles...yummy! 
 I love that they eat out of my hand. They went crazy when I fed them worms from the feed store. It was candy to them!

 I took this picture peeking through a window in their temporary coop. They sleep with a red heat lamp. The temperature needs to be between 75-80 degrees at their age now. I am such a good Mommy! :)
YES, I did buy this chicken purse and should be getting it this week! LOL!
I bought it through
It is quite large and I know the folks at the feed store will love it!
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! ;)
Have a wonderful week!

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