Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthdays, Sconces & A Tea Party!

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I made some Birthday gift bags for some much needed girlfriend time this week! Birthday luncheons are the best! Added a embellished tinkered clip from Elyse~Cottage.
Remember the chandelier sconces I bought a couple months ago? Hubby hung them for me this weekend and I LOVE them above the buffet table! The woman I bought them from at Matilda's Mouse Barn Sale said they are from New York. They add a sweet glow when evening arrives. The cords do not bother me at all, it adds to the romance of the era they were used!
Now for some exciting news! Next week I will be attending another one of Kari's Tea Parties! The theme is St. Patrick's Day. I promise to take LOTS of pictures! Stay turned!
Now time to take a little break and have a sweet cup of herbal tea... and a little shout out to Leslie and her family and the sisters of daughter Shelli's Relief Society!  
Have a wonderful week sweet bloggers! xox

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