Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Wilderness Adventure Birthday Party!

Grandkids Brayden 5 and Sadie 3 had a darling Wilderness Adventure Birthday Party together since their birthdays are just a few days apart. Cuteness was everywhere! Their mommy and daddy put a lot of love in creating this special party. They are so sweet. xox
Click any of the pictures to enlarge for detail.
Brayden and Sadie inside one of the 2 tepee tents their daddy made, wearing adventure vests and binoculars mommy made. When I asked them to pose Brayden decided to put his hand on Sadie. She thought it was a great idea and did the same! xox

I love the fire pit daddy built. Besides the 2 tepee tents (the other tepee is on the other side of the yard), he also built 4 really cute rustic benches to sit around the fire pit for story telling time. Clever!

The Gang!
See all their bug jars?!
Sadie sitting on mommy's lap during story telling time. Stephanie & Nathan are having sweet baby #3 in April! A BOY! :)
They are on a bear hunt in this story!

The kids all decorated a "bug" jar. After story time they went on a bug hunt collecting bugs! They sure have a lot of plastic bugs in their yard! Scary, scary!

One of the friends mommy made this adorable "bug" cake! Such detail AND it tasted delicious! Everything was eatable.

I love the ant hill!
Stephanie made a spider for each of the kids to take home as they left. The kids got to them before they left and had a blast outside playing with them!
Wishing Brayden and Sadie many more fun birthday parties!
Can't wait to see mommy and daddy topping this one!

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