Sunday, November 28, 2010

Herbal Tea Station!

I find inspiration in blogland! When I find a idea one of you have shared, I JUMP out of my chair leaving the computer to the page that inspired me and go to work! Today I found inspiration on Liz's blog...Rose Vignettes. She has a sweet little corner where she keeps her teas, etc.
Here is what I created in about 3 minutes!
This little herbal tea station is between my stove and frig.
At the Tea Party I posted about below, I found my favorite herbal tea EVER!
Caramel Apple Herbal Tea from The Republic of Tea. I bought it online and they shipped it out so fast.

I love to add a little milk/cream and raw sugar. Yum.
I keep the creamer in the frig with this darling beaded doily glass cover on the top.
I have several of these for my outdoor tea parties.

THANK YOU sweet bloggers for all of your inspiration! You make my day!

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