Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Little Guest Room

I just did a re-do on our little guest room! We have 5 bedrooms but this is our only guest room because the other rooms are being used as a office for hubby, my craft room, a music room and our master bedroom.
I do not have any blue in our home but always wanted to use it, so I used it in the guest room and guest bathroom.
I LOVE the Danish look of blue and yellow. Crisp and fresh.
My inspiration was the plate & linen, then I ran with it! The plate!

The Linen!
Our ceilings in our home are 10 ft. high, so I have some tweaking still!

Love using vintage linens and crystal.
Vintage blue hankies add to a not so blue lamp!

I love this picture! It reminds me of my 3 sisters and myself.
We have many memories camping and sunning at the beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

This sweet dry sink from the 1800's adds more charm!

A child's tea set I used for years with my grandchildren.
The little dresser was used in my hubby's home as a child.
A flame-less candle! Perfect when little ones visit!
Samantha & Charlie are always close by, not wanting to miss a thing!
My next post will be this guest room's bathroom!

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