Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Little Guest Bathroom

Here is the little Guest Bathroom I promised to share.
It is right next to the Guest Bedroom I shared in the last post. I am thinking I would like to do some wall papering in here... A hand painted candle.This is a sweet mirror my sister-in-law Sandy made me about 30 years ago.
I cherish it.
I mosaiced this cabinet, tissue box & key holder.
Elyse from Cottage made me the pearl MJ! xox

I love collecting the china to put on my pieces. Isn't this vintage shoe the sweetest?The is the entrance to the "water~room"!

Even the water~tank needs to be "prettied" up!
The bath/shower is to the left and a white lace valance is over the high window.
Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day!

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