Monday, July 26, 2010

"Poor Man's Meal" ~ Depression Era

My Mother use to cook this when I growing up and my children grew up on it to! Some of my children make it for theirs. I know my grandchildren love it. In my days growing up, they would call this kind of meal, a "poor man's meal", like potato soup, which I love to! My parents grew up in the Depression Era so that is where the phrase "poor man's meal" came from.
We now call this meal "Potatoes & Hot Dogs"!
Simple, good and a 1 pan meal!

**I use 1 package of Nathan koshered hot dogs because they are spiced up nice.
Dice the hot dogs, some potatoes and a 1/2 onion.
Oil pan with olive oil or canola oil and add mixture.
Sprinkle garlic salt & pepper to taste.
Cook until golden brown. Put a dash of ketchup or Cholula for added flavor!

For dessert, make a easy Buttermilk Pie! Dreamy, creamy!
Recipe on my sidebar.

Comfort food at it's best!

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