Friday, July 30, 2010

Kelly from "Rose Vine Cottage Two" Trailer!

My darling long~time blogger friend Kelly from Rose Vine Cottage Two and I have something more in common then loving pink and everything pretty! We share the love for vintage trailers and each own one! Her trailer year is 1976 and is 18 ft. long. She has 5 feet over me! She has created a home away from home...sweet, warm, cozy, pretty and pink! It is the family trailer and the boys don't mind camping in style!
CLICK on this post TITLE and it will lead you right to her! She has lots more pictures to share and you will love her blog and home to! She has a big following, so many of you know her already!

Oh my, I am AGAIN feeling a change for my little 13 ft. trailer! I know, I know, I just changed it but with such a tiny trailer it won't cost much and I can use lots of "pretty & pink" from my home! Are you gasping yet?
I can smell cupcakes baking in her oven!
I don't think I would spend much time outside!
Her darling "Powder Room" "It's 11 a.m. already? Oh dear, I slept in! Brunch for the boys!
Now where are my pink fluffy slippers?"
Kelly, thank you for letting me share your sugar pie trailer! xox

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