Monday, July 5, 2010

My Blog in Print!

My little blog made it in print once more, this time in a book! Irene Rawlings is a well known author, radio host, writes for many magazines and the NY Times. She now wrote a book about Sisters On The Fly. The book is filled with lots of darling pictures of trailers that I know you will love! I know many of these women and have been in their little trailers!
I was excited that my blog THE BEEHIVE COTTAGE was mentioned in the book, along with other blogger friends!

Our little trailers are our "home away from home" and many of us use them at home!There are more listed like the Farm Chicks, MaryJane's Farm, Pioneer Women, etc.
We even take the kitchen sink!

No two of our trailers are alike!
You can buy the book on or any book store will order one for you!

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