Monday, June 7, 2010

A Wonderful E~Book by Aunt Ruthie!

I just printed out Aunt Ruthie's E~Book! It printed out beautifully! I will slip them into page protectors, then in a binder notebook they go! This E-Book is full of color and inspiration! Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse has written a E~Book and I bought it! Oh my goodness, it is fulled with darling vintage photos, recipes, decorating tips, words of wisdom, family fun tips, encouragement for homemakers and much, much more! I love it to pieces!

She has written many books but this is her first E-Book! She is so gifted! I love her blog and now her E~Book! Thank you Aunt Ruthie!

Click on the post title and it will lead you to her blog! Ruthann and I have been blogger friends for a couple years now. We found out after she moved to Branson, MO that we only lived 2 blocks from each other for 1 year! Same neighborhood, same floor plan! Oh, how I wish we had met back then! We even share the same clippings from a berry bush! Our neighbor Becky S. who lived a block between us, gave us each a clipping a few years back! Ruthann took hers to Branson and it blesses her with lots of summer berries and mine is in my back yard doing the same thing! Anyhoo, we finally ran into each other at "In 'N Out" Burger, close to my home while she was visiting family in CA a couple months ago! She is just darling and as sweet as pie!!! Grateful for special moments that come our way! xox Have a wonderful week and read a good book! ; )

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