Saturday, June 26, 2010

R & R

Finding R & R in my little trailer! I have lots of rooms in my home to relax but there is nothing like my little ButtonWillow! My little play house. For several weeks now I haven't felt my best, had some small health issues "pop up", finding out it is all due to a bad kidney infection. Now on the mend! Each day I go to my little trailer with my two Maltese dogs, Samantha & Charlie, and spend time to take a little nap on my feather bed and do some orders for my Etsy shops. Having that cute little air conditioning has been a blessing on warm days! The buzz of the air conditioning sounds like small airplanes starting their engines and flying over the house! All I need to hear is my son Nathan calling out "prop" (starting engine!) Ahhh, heaven!
Come take a peek at a few changes I made...Time to heal.
Thanks daughter Heidi for painting my toes!
My soft, cozy feather bed!Working on a "Special Order"!
Touches of blogger friends sweetness throughout!

My Jewel trailer is 53 years old!
When the dogs hear my trailer keys a'jingl'in, they come'a run'in!
A blogger asked if I take my trailer out on camping trips...I sure do!
Have a wonderful week!

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