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The Traveling Pink Gingham Apron

Piture by Maryjane

I am so excited to be a part of The Traveling Pink Gingham Apron that Cindy at Rick-Rack and Gingham came up with! (on my sidebar). We are asked to tell a story in journal form about the darling apron and blog it, then mail the apron on to the next blogger. I choose the year 1950. I love the 50's!
Enjoy walking through time with me!
June 3, 1950
I am so excited! Tomorrow I am taking the train to Springfield, Missouri to stay with my Mama's sister Aunt Ethel and Uncle Charlie. I am looking forward to seeing the family farm again. It has been several years since I saw it last. This is my first trip ever traveling by myself but now that I am 17 and just graduated from high school, Mama and Papa thought I was grown up to do so. I will be back in 1 week. I shall miss Mama and Papa and my cat Tilly. Love, Ruth

June 4, 1950
I am sitting on the train traveling to Aunt Ethel's and Uncle Charlie's! I love looking out the window to all the beautiful, wide open country. It's breathtaking! All the women on the train have such pretty hats on and wearing gloves. Mama made sure I had a pretty hat and gloves to wear. My gloves are pink! My favorite color! I will soon be rolling into town, then off to the farm! Love, Ruth

Picture by Maryjane

June 5, 1950
Today is my first day on Aunt Ethel and Uncle Charlie's farm! I am so happy to be here! The first thing I did was gather some fresh eggs from the hen house to make breakfast. Aunt Ethel let me wear her sweet pink gingham apron that Grandma Grace made for her when she was a young bride. Aunt Ethel is happy and full of life! Uncle Charlie is a gentle, loving soul! I love them both. Love, Ruth

Picture by Maryjane
June 6, 1950
Today Aunt Ethel taught me how to can dill pickles fresh from her garden. I love dill pickles! It took all day to can. It was a very hot day but we had so much fun! Aunt Ethel told me how she and Uncle Charlie met! He came riding on the farm one day looking for work. He was riding a mule and had a red scarf wrapped around his neck! Love, Ruth

Picture by Maryjane. My crocheting.

June 7, 1950
Today Uncle Charlie drove us into town to Piggly Wiggly for some grocery shopping. Uncle Charlie bought us a soda pop to refresh ourselves from the heat of the summer sun. I had Cream Soda! Then we went across the street to Woolworth for some 100% cotton yarn. Aunt Ethel is going to teach me how to crochet dish rags tomorrow! I choose a pretty yellow yarn. Love, Ruth

June 8, 1950
I love crocheting with Aunt Ethel on the front porch! She loves to tell stories of her and Mama growing up on the farm. The same farm she and Uncle Charlie now own. My Mama Sadie loves the family farm to, but decided to move to the city when she and Papa married. I want to be a farmgirl! Love, RuthPicture by Maryjane
June 9, 1950
Today is wash day. I love the homemade laundry soap Aunt Ethel makes. It smells heavenly! She taught me how to make it. I got to hang the pink gingham apron on the clothesline to dry after wearing it all week! Tomorrow I go home on the train. I will miss Aunt Ethel and Uncle Charlie. Love, Ruth

June 10, 1950
I am home now and missing Aunt Ethel and Uncle Charlie. I had a nice time on the train thinking about all that I have learned from my sweet Aunt. As I was unpacking my little brown suitcase, I noticed something wrapped in white tissue with a pink satin bow. My heart skipped a beat as I opened the the gift to find the pink gingham apron and a written note:Picture by Maryjane

June 10, 1950
To my darling Ruth,

It's now your turn to make many memories wearing this pink gingham apron that your Grandmother Grace made!
"A apron has many stories to tell'!

Aunt Ethel

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