Friday, June 11, 2010

Dreams Do Come True!

A few posts ago I posted about a few pieces of May Flower Vernonware China I had bought on eBay & Etsy. It was the beginning of gathering this sweet china pattern that my Mother used when I was growing up. I mentioned that my dream was to have a "HUTCH FULL of this china"! Well.....darling blogger Molly from Birdie Blue (on my sidebar) left a comment that she had a full set and wanted to know if I or anyone was interested in it! As usual, I let out a big SCREAM and hurried over to her blog to say I wanted it! She made a offer that no girl would turn down! Within days, 3 big boxes were at my door~step in no time! THANK YOU darling Molly! She is a gem! Needless to say because of her collection, I now have a HUTCH FULL of beautiful china! My Mother would be so excited for me! I have 18 dinner plates to use for our next family gathering! Molly included some sweet gifts for my vintage trailer!

Unwrapping the china took quite some time to do! Thanks daughter Shelli for helping!

Look! A very hard to find Teapot!
I am so excited about these chowder bowls that are hard to find to! Yes, pinching myself for my entire set!

Blogging can be such a blessing! Dreams Do Come True!

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