Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 Tea Party Chandeliers!

A few days ago when I visiting blogs and I went to visit Donna @ Party Wishes (on my sidebar). She had a garage sale and had some goodies left over. She had 2 darling custom made chandeliers and asked if anyone wanted to buy them!!! My heart skipped a beat! I left a comment, then hurried and wrote her a personal email as I was screaming "I hope she still has them"! Well sweet Donna had them and a couple days later, they are now in my home!
THANK YOU DONNA! Each chandelier was packaged beautifully!

1st chandelier.
Precious custom lampshades!

Even sent the light bulbs!
Ready girls?! Here is the first one, a real full size TEA~CUP chandelier!

Now for the TEA~POT chandelier! More gasping!
A real full size TEAPOT!
Both together!

I am thinking I will replace my dining room lighting with one and maybe the other in the center of my living room or over my kitchen sink!
Decisions, decisions!
Have a wonderful week!
I have something else coming in the mail any day! Another blog friend came and asked if I wanted to buy.......oh you have to wait and see!
She made a dream come true!
I will post when the boxes come!

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