Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flea Market Finds...The May Flower!

My Mother had a couple little dishes that I loved and remember fondly. In my heart I always desired getting some of the plates that brought back sweet memories. This week my dreams came true, thank heavens to Etsy and eBay! Here is a sample of goodies I have already gotten this week and more to come in the next couple days! The maker is Vernonware and the pattern is called "May Flower". Vernonware made many pattern styles (1942-1953) and it was manufactured in Vernon, CA not far from my home growing up! My plans are to fill my hutch full of these!
My 2 sets of salt & pepper shakers, tea cups & saucers and coffee pot will be here soon! : ) This week I also picked up a copy of Flea Market Style filled with goodness!
Vintage hankies came this week from Etsy!Afternoon Delight~
Our very own California girl, blogger and designer Heather Bullardis featured in Flea Market Style...8 pages!
She has inspired me to use my newly, vintage dishes and have a "last~minute gabfest" with dear friends!"Gather your girlfriends at an elegant table dressed with flea~market style and laden with no~fuss food" ~Heather Bullard
Happy May Day...
and have a wonderful week!
Hope you find something that brings back memories!

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