Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day with Claudia~Mockingbird Cottage

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful day spent with Claudia of Mockingbird Cottage! (Her link is on my sidebar). She is everything I thought she would be...cute, warm, loving, intelligent, talented, witty, fun and full of life! I am so grateful blogging has brought us together and made us friends! She lives in New York but a 10 week job (which you can read on her blog,) has brought her to San Diego, CA. We met up yesterday in Old Town Temecula, CA for a day to met in person and have some fun!
We found out we are both the same age and graduated from high school the same year! An immediate bond! Claudia wearing her famous "signature" turquoise reading glasses!

Yes, I had to try them on!
We both had a Cesar Salad and a Bisque Tomato Soup! Yummy! And for dessert, yes we had dessert...a creamy chocolate mousse!
A sweet gift from Claudia
A vintage linen, a pretty vintage china rose plate, some of HER travel/doll clothespins and a darling vintage set of needles! She differently knows what I love! xo Looking forward to another day of shopping, chatting and having lunch together!
*Next post will be pictures of a fabulous shop we found! Heaven!


Connie said...

Welllll, did you get her to consent to come to Idaho in a trailer, sugar?! Hah.

kpaints said...

How is that possible that you both went to the same school and grade? Unreal! It was meant to be!

Claudia said...

We have to tell kpaints that it wasn't the same school! I grew up in Michigan and Maryjane grew up in California! But same year and same age for sure! Love the post, Maryjane! What a great time we had. Connie, if I could get my own little trailer I' d be on my way to Idaho in a heartbeat. After I finished decorating it, of course!


Linda said...

Looks like such a fun day- how nice you could meet!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Maryjane, how nice the both of you being together!!! That`s the great thing about blogging!!!!.. and shopping, eating, chating... great!!!! Hava more fun together!!!
Cariños from Chile,
Maria Cecilia

Terra said...

What fun to meet in person, and the blue reading glasses are fabulous, also your lunch menu selections.

Elyse said...

oh, you must know how much i would've loved to join you two! shopping + mousse? what a perfect day! looking forward to hearing more. i sure hope claudia gave you big hugs from me!!!



Bethany said...

You gals are so cute! It looks like you had fun. Love the glasses! Can't wait to see your next post. ♥

Lisa said...

Oh how fantastic!! I love that you two got to meet! If I ever win the lottery I want to go around the world and meet all my blog friends in person! I cannot wait to see more of your day!
Hugs, Lisa

Jill said...

Oh, I adore Claudia! It's a bloggy dream of mine to meet her someday. Sigh...
So, do those famous turquoise glasses have special "creativity power" in them? Did you have an out-of-body-experience when you put them on?! Okay, I'm being silly now.
I'd loooove to have a vintage trailer. I sorta' obsess over how I'd decorate it. They are just so darn cute-- I love yours!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You lucky girl! How I'd love to spend an afternoon (or longer) with sweet, talented Claudia! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love it that two of my sweet blogging friends had the chance to meet in person. What fun!!!!!! You both are just sooooooooooo cute and look like you were enjoying the day. Now I have to tell you, that chocolate mousse is making my mouth water. Nothing better to top off a beautiful lunch with a sweet and decadent treat.

big hugs,

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Maryjane,
What a wonderful time you both had meeting and forming an instant bond. Isn't that the best? Love the pics, your gifts and I just adore those glasses. So chic on your both.
I also grew up in Michigan. Small world. So glad you had a great time together.
Love your blog and wishing you a Happy, safe and fun Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.
Hugs, Celestina Marie
Celestina Marie Designs

AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Maryjane!! I'm glad that you hooked up with Claudia. I know she is missing her hubby and her fur babies so your lunch together must have been a real treat for you both. I'm with Connie, why don't you both come to Idaho for a visit!! Have a very Happy Memorial Day!!

Susan and Bentley

Annesphamily said...

Hello! What a delight! Isn't life grand when you find a friend who is so similar to yourself? I think we should start some sort of blogging reunion. What fun that would be! You girls look like you had way too much fun! Ha! I am so glad you got together! Anne

Lori said...

MaryJane, it sounds like you had a wonderful time with Claudia...i made your bbq chicken and sweet potato last week, delicious!!! thanks:)

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I'm so glad you two got to meet and have lunch together. I wish I'd been there! Well, I sort of was. In a voice mail anyway. You both look so happy to be together.

Creative Carmelina said...

Maryjane...i just had to come from Claudia's meet you myself!

what wonderful posts you both have done for one sounds like a lovely time was had by both parties!

the exchanged gifts were so sweet! and it's cute that you tried on her distinctive glasses! they are so HER eh!

i'm now following you ! and i invite you to come for a virtual coffee at my blog!

see you soon!
enjoy your monday!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Mimi Sue said...

So fun! Looks like a great place for lunch. Mimi