Monday, May 10, 2010

Cupcakes Left At The Door!

Isn't it wonderful to come home and find sweet goodies left at your door?! That is what happened this weekend when we came home from being out and about! Sweet friends Will & Marcia came by to say hello. So sorry we missed them but thrilled for the gift they left behind. Now I need to "pass it along" and do a kindness to another.
Marcia is known for her cooking/baking treats. Look at the pretty glitter to! THANK YOU Marcia!
The chocolate cake is so moist and the pink frosting is so creamy and yummy!
Sweetened to perfection...
They brought 8 cupcakes and by the time I took the pictures, 2 cupcakes disappeared!I stored the cupcakes in this old~fashioned glass baking dish. I love the lid with a little handle. (Just like the vintage refrigerator glass containers).
I bought it at Walmart and going back for more. The name brand is "Arbor".
I love their glass baking cake/casserole pans with handles to!
1 more cupcake disappeared in these pictures!
Have a SWEET week!

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