Monday, April 5, 2010

Shake, Rattle & Roll!

A Easter we shall never forget...a 7.2 Earthquake!

The clock stopped at the very moment because the pendulum was going side to side as the earthquake moved back and forth. Amazing!

I was talking to daughter Tiffani on the phone who lives in Oregon, son Nathan and his family were with Grandpa Don in the backyard, while we were waiting for daughters Shelli and Heidi and their families to arrive for our Easter gathering,
when it hit! I had my ear phone on so daughter Tiffani heard the whole thing! I said to her "we are having an earthquake", as I grabbed little Samie dog! I ran to the backyard as we all gathered! It rolled like we were on a boat and it seemed forever! Not fun. The pool water was rocking back and forth while splashing out and I could hear things rattling inside the house. I could hear all the neighborhood voices in their backyards also. Before I got off the phone with Tiffani her hubby had CNN on and was on the computer at the same time. News breaking as it happened!
It was centered in Baja, Mexico, 150 miles from our home.
Our children were driving and wondered why they swayed some on the road. Heidi's family were on an overpass! When they came in the house they could tell we had an earthquake as the chandeliers and 2 kitchen pot racks were swaying away!
We enjoyed our time together as little aftershocks came and went! LOL!
Yes, a day to remember!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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