Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling Some Changes Coming On!

Changes sometimes are a good thing! I am about to redecorate my entire home...
well, my tiny home away from home that is!
My little 1957 13 ft. Jewel.
I have loved my "pastel cowgirl" look for the past 3 1/2 years but I am ready for some little changes. The walls and floor will stay the same, just the accents will change.
Below you will see the inspiration and the start of new things!

HINT: RetroThis is what my trailer looks like at the moment.

Here is my inspiration, found in this book called
my cool caravan
is a darling 14 ft. travel trailer!
The colors make my heart sing... Isn't this trailer adorable!

Here is the start of my goodies to making my little trailer Retro...colorful!
I bought everything at HomeGoods
(except the flag banner)!I gasped when I saw these utensils, more polka dots!
and polka dot tea towels!
Tiny colanders for fruit or snacks!
Isn't this flag banner darling! I bought it from Becky at Cottage Sweet Dreams. I love this rug to brighten the floor! Now I need to pick out some fabric for my daughter-in-law Stephanie to sew me up some cutie pie curtains! Do you still have the measurements Stephanie?!
And I need some new bedding, accent pillows...etc!
Hubby and I have a camping trip planned in May for our 39th anniversary! Yes, we were young..18 & 19! I will take some pictures to share of our little caravan trip!
P.S. I will keep all my "pastel cowgirl" decor in case I change my mind ...again!

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