Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breakfast in Bed!

Oh, what a honey of a man I have...Breakfast in bed!
He has always been a thoughtful hubby! Used our Red Plate that we have had for years.

Pancakes to perfection...hazelnut cocoa!
Eggs served in a tiny heart pie tart dish...and sausage "almost" burnt to a crisp,
the way I love them!
Look how cute he fixed the fruit! Sprinkled with powered sugar!
From my hankie drawer!
Thank you sweetie!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day to!
A blogger QUESTIONED if my hubby did ALL OF THAT?
He sure did!
After nearly 39 years of marriage, this guy knows where everything is in the house (including hankies), knows how to cook and please his little lady! And he even bought the flowers! LOL!
He laughed when I said "I need to take a picture of it first for my blog!"

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