Monday, December 7, 2009

More Christmas Decor & a New/Old Buffet Table!

This is part of our Living Room where we first welcome our guest. To the right of it is our dining room, my craft room and a walkway that leads to our family room/kitchen.
I still need to decorate my little tree that is dedicated to our Mothers Gloria and LaVerne. Filled with sweet things! I will take a picture as soon as I get it done!
This last Saturday my new/old buffet table (unfinished pic below & I bought for $100.00) was a mess but I had a vision as I did the last buffet table in my craft room (here: ).
What wonders a new paint job can do! It is very heavy and made out of mahogany.
I love the detail it has and love it to pieces! I bought this paper weight several years ago. I just love that I now have it but would love to know the history behind this personalized Christmas gift nearly 50 years ago!

Nativity under glass!
Each year I seem to take an unexpected self portrait!

My buffet table today!
Last Saturday! Home Sweet Home...

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