Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Angels Among Us

Here is the decorated Mother's Tree I promised to show you!
I have been setting up this sweet Christmas tree in honor of my Mother Gloria & hubby's Mother LaVerne for a few years now. They both have passed away but are remembered fondly and greatly missed. The little ornaments hung remind me of their love for the Lord, love for family & friends and the special things they loved! They were loving, caring, giving, fun ladies!
Our Mother's were very good friends and I know they still are in heaven!

We know that we have angels among us and two of them are named Gloria and LaVerne.

Merry Christmas sweet angels! Gloria LOVED Tea Parties! We dressed up every time in sweet vintage hats, vintage jewelry and vintage gloves and ate to our hearts content. The laughter was sweet music to my ears and I now hold those memories close to my heart.

This little angel is from Paris, France!
She was given to me by my dear friend Anne C. of Texas!
She went to PARIS last year! Imagine! Oh, la la!

They were sweet as candy!
They were busy bee's in their community and church!

(same city and same church!)
They shined like diamonds!

They had many friends and warmed our hearts forever!

Memories of the family cabin in Big Bear, CA and playing in the snow!

They both loved roses but LaVerne loved orchids more!

LaVerne loved humming birds!

They both loved PINK! Now I know why I love pink!

Oh, how they were loved and now, greatly missed!

Merry Christmas to you & yours!

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