Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I thought I would get into the holiday spirit by having a GIVEAWAY!
So with that, I made 2 Christmas garlands with a matching tag set of 8.
To enter, share a comment about your favorite Christmas tradition(s).
I will add your name to the drawing!

I will draw 2 names on Monday Nov. 16 at 12pm Western Time!

Can't wait to read about your favorite traditions! I may use some!

Set #1

Set #2
Thanks for visiting!


Cottonwood Tales said...

Wonderful giveaway!! I love them!!

My favorite tradition was started a couple of years back with my grandbabies. K's tree is a 3 foot pink tree decorated all with ballerina and princess ornaments and ribbons and D's is a green 3 foot tree decorated all with John Deere ornaments and green gingham ribbon. I purchase the ornaments mostly on ebay and each year try to add a couple of new ones. They have so much fun decorating these. I cant wait until the day after Thanksgiving that we get to do it again!!

Thanks in advance for the chance to win your giveaway. Love your blog!
Hugs, Karen in Texas

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

One of our favorite Xmas traditions is on tree decorating day. I open up the 1st box of Xmas treats & make extra rich hot chocolate! While I put the lights on, the girls lay out the bulbs (some must be strategically placed because of their weight & importance) and put out other items. Then we do the tree together while listening to the 1974 "Sesame Street Xmas" cassette tape (& it's not available on CD) as well as Raffi's Xmas tape. It's very special.

The banners are lovely.


Hi Maryjane,
You are one busy gal!!! Making so many sweet gifts.
Hubby and I cut our own tree at a local tree farm and we get it after Thanksgiving as I like to have the house all decorated before Dec 1st! I also take down the Christmas decor a day or so after as the tree is usually ready to go outside.
Thank You for having a giveaway and both garlands and tags are sweet!
Deb :)

Lady Farmer said...

Someone else asked that question ~ so I will tell you what I told them and one other just in case!
Gentleman Farmer and I go into the woods and hunt for a tree usually around the first part of December. We take a hot lunch to eat after we get the tree. It takes all day but is so much fun!
The other tradition, is when we take the tree down, we put it outside and decorate it for the birds with homemade birdseed ornaments and fruit. They love it and are so fun to watch.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Your garlands and tags are sweet!

Elyse said...

hello my maryjane!

you know i love your banners and tags! what a generous giveaway!

one tradition i had to begin out of necessity was to cook our entire holiday dinner on christmas eve for the following day. one plus: no timing worries.

then because i have been in the kitchen all day, we have a snack dinner on 12/24 -- things like popcorn and veggies and dip! that is one dinner that the boys love!

there's lots more but that's the first one that comes to mind!


Julie Harward said...

I just love these..they are so very cute!!! I am having a "GIVE A WAY" also on my blog..Come say hi :D

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Ohh MaryJane! What a beautiful giveaway sweetie. Please enter my name. I love the garlands they are so beautiful. Now to the traditions.

When our 3 children were 5,3 and 1 years old, Moma and Daddy bought us as a family, the Christmas Story. I have cherished this book and moved it with us everywhere we have gone. Each year on Christmas Eve my DH has read this story to our children, and now he reads this story to all (7) soon to be (8) grandchildren. They come over for treats and PaPa reads the Christmas Story to them to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas. If we waited and read it on Christmas Day we found that they kids were so excited about presents and stockings, they could not put their listening ears on, so we started reading it on Christmas Eve, and it has been such a wonderful success. Even our children still to this day, love to listen to their Dad read to their children. It is such a special time for us all.

Thanks for asking some of our special traditions. It is so much fun to share and read other traditions. Stop by soon.

Country hugs, Sherry

Heidi Davies said...

My kids are young enough we haven't developed any traditions yet, but really look forward to it.

My favorite tradition as a kid, though, was when all 7 us gathered into the girl's bedroom early in the morning and took turns going into the living room and peeking at the piles of presents until my parents finally dragged themselves out of bed so and we could go open them.

becky said...

Love the banners to cute!

Well our tradition is simple we are greek so we take cookies to my family and then share them as we decorated the trees for the start of the Christmas season.Sometimes we make cookies and hang them on the trees after we varnish them a bit.Sometimes the cookies are real depending upon what we choose to do.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

We actually have 2 traditions in our family...I have given my kids ornaments since the day they were born...every year I choose a personal ornament...something that might reflect what they like that year.

I also make or buy an ornament....the ornaments are similar but I personalize them with the their names and the year.

Each year they put their own box of ornaments on the tree.

When they grow up and leave home...they will have a box full of Christmas memories.

I had an Aunt who made ornaments for my family so this is what I always remember...my own personalized ornaments.

The kids open the ornaments on Christmas Eve....which leads us to the end of this long story~lol

We have a cute little Children's book that talks about the Birth of Christ....on Christmas Eve...we each take turns reading a page.

I cannot wait to continue these traditions with my grandchildren some day.

Now that I wrote a novel...please enter me in your give~away :)

Lorrie said...

Great giveaway - so pretty!

One of our family's traditions is baking lots of cookies and then giving plates of them away to the neighbors. I haven't done it for a few years, but am in the mood for baking and think this is the year to get back into it, even though the children don't live at home anymore.


daylily777 said...

I love the garland! On of my favorite Christmas traditions is baking cookies with the Grand kids. I started it with my kids & it is carried on with the grand kids.;~)

marie said...

What a wonderful giveaway!

One of our favorite traditions is making "bacon & eggs" to share with friends and family each year. It's a special treat we love to make. It consists of pretzels, white chocolate & a yellow M&M. here's a link if you'd like a peek.


Cindy said...

The Minute Thanksgiving is over I'm bitting at the bit to go into my large storage closet and get THEM. You know the rubbermaids..with all my Santa's,Snowmen and Angels that have been stuck in those awful green rubbermaids.And Villages all 5 sets for my 5 children.When everybody goes to bed, I stay up.The next morning the house is totally decorated with the exception of the live tree..that is the weekend project.We even start with the Christmas dishes at breakfast.For years I had nothing but a tree and 3 Santas. We couldn't afford anything else.What I have now are my Treasures. I LOVE Christmas.The vintage garland pulls at my heartstrings!!Thank you.

❦TattingChic said...

What darling Christmas garlands! I would LOVE to win one of your darling Christmassy Garlands! I'd be in utter heaven if I did win one! I know right where I'd put it, too!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions was on Christmas Eve singing carols with my family as a child and drinking hot chocolate with a candy cane as a stirrer! It gives a nice pepperminty flavor to the hot chocolate! YummY!

Kathleen Grace said...

What a lovely give away! Lets see... our favorite Christmas tradition would have to be our advent dinners when we gussy up the table and dine on finger foods and fancy desserts by candlelight every Sunday of advent. I have done this since my girls were little and they love it!

annieboxer said...

dear mary jane, i follow you everyday, several times a day. i love your blog! i would love to have one of your garlands or banners, everything you make is so special! One of my favorite christmas traditions is to have all my children and grandkids over on Christmas eve to open presents and put their own hand-made ornament on my tree! My whole tree is covered in hand made ornaments from my 12 grandkids! i would like to win this giveaway!!!
merry christmas!
sue reinhart, butler, pa

Amber said...

Oh, how cute!

We go to a huge store called Kraynak's. It's about a two hour drive one way so it's always a day long trip. We start by going through the big C-mas tree display they have (they have over one hundred trees decorated in different themes) then we let the kids pick an ornament for our tree. We do this every year and then I date the ornament. When they're grown and leave to be on their own, I plan on giving them all of their ornaments from over the years.

heidi said...

How fun! (I've been reading your blog, but never have commented!)

We always have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, followed by a candlelight service at the church at 7 PM. Then back home to open gifts, along with a fancy dessert. Once, when one of our girls were little, during the church service she leaned over and whispered to me, "When are we going to be done with this Jesus stuff so we can go open presents?"

We still all laugh about that comment! She meant no disrepect, she was just trying to get down to business.

I have so many more traditions, but that's the first that came to mind, so I wrote about that one!

Blessings, and thanks for the chance to win!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely giveaway!

My favorite tradition may seem cliche but it's going to church on Christmas Eve. We always go to church together as a family on Chrimstams Eve and I think it's one of the most beautiful services ever. I don't know if it's the candles, or the Christmas carols but there's something about that church service that always moves me to tears.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Maryjane,
Oh please pick my name, pick me, pick me!.
I love your garland, its so vintage. Will you be making these to sell?.
Lets see one of our Christmas traditions, well I don't know if we really have one, we do so many different things each Christmas, but we are "always together" no matter what.
Even the ones that are now living in heaven, we know they are still with us, we are "always together".
So our tradition is simply "Love and sharing our time with each-other, playing with the children, sharing stories and eating lots and lots of good food".
Enjoy your day,

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Mary! What beautiful banners you have created!

We have a lot of traditions. But one of my favorites, is Christmas Eve. After coming home from the annual party for my dad's side, my husband and boys snuggle in together to watch A Christmas Carole. Our house is very open, so I love seeing them snuggles together amongst the twinkling lights of the tree while I am in the kitchen, preparing dishes for Christmas day. I always have Christmas dinner here, with all of my family. I prepare the entire meal and I just love it!!
Thank you for this, it is so fun to read peoples traditions!!

Pinkie said...

These are beautiful. Since my parents have passed on, my husband and I are trying to start new traditions for our little family. We love to go to a tree farm and walk around picking out a tree, drinking hot chocolate and just spending the day together. This year my daughter will be a month shy of her 2nd birthday so this will be the first time she really can experience the season.

Mammy said...

Oooooooh! Love the garlands and tags.

I started a tradition when my first grandson was born. We are Okies and we knew early-on that this little guy was destined to be a cowboy. On his first Christmas, I bought a cowboy ornament and stored it in a special box. Each year I add an ornament (okay, sometimes two ornaments!) that have a western theme. I plan to use the box as a gift at his someday wedding shower. He is now eight years old and he already has a nice assortment of ornaments--and since he ropes and rides every day, he's going to love the selections!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Your craft work is lovely, I"d love a chance to win. My most favorite tradition now is getting all 4 grandkids together for a cookie baking day. Thanks!

Sherelle said...

I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I am hookied! Love all of your eye candy here!!!

My favorite Christmas Tradition is that we always have a huge baking party with the kids on the Saturday before Christmas...we make and decorate sugar cookies and other delicious treats. We have so much fun together, and the kids look forward to it every year!!!

sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

I love Christmas! It's hard to narrow down to one favorite Christmas tradition. I'm going to go with the most fun one! I have a big storybook music box that plays Jingle Bell Rock very very loudly.
Every Christmas morning I wake the family by opening the book. Now that the girls are 20 and up they get a kick out of it...and I mean that literaly-one of the girls got up, kicked it shut and went back to bed last year. LOL! What would they do without me?!?!?

Kimberly@Romantiques said...

Hi Maryjane, What a great giveaway! My favorite Christmas tradition is hosting the Christmas Day Dinner for my family and friends. I do most of the cooking, they bring a dessert. I do this to let them know how much I appreciate them.


ShabbyTammie said...

My fav holiday tradition is..
I get into that Christmas cheer by crankin up the Christmas music singing along while decorating the tree..
I posted on my blog about you "cute as a button" give away...
Thank you for the chance to win..
Hope your holiday is full of cheer!!!

blushing rose said...

How clever, Maryjane. I love this creation.

We had a special 2' tree made with Civil War & American flag decorations on it for Joshua's bedroom, which is all Civil War decor.

Popover for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

dobco said...

I started a new tradition with the grandkids a few years ago. We hang the Christmas pickles and they each find one and they get an early present. I try hard to really hide them. Last year I did such a good job of it, we didn't find one of the pickles until I was taking the tree down.!

www.micciaswonderfulworld@blogspot.com said...

Love the garlands!!! My memories of Christmas revolve around my family and food. I love getting out my ornaments, remembering the day they were bought or given to me. My favorite ornament is a mercury glass swan that my grandfather gave to my grandmother on their first Christmas together!

Memaw's memories said...

As a grandmother who lives alone, my favorite thing is to go where ever my grandbabies are and see them on Christmas morning.

Then we usually eat till we're miserable. But then that's a tradition that goes on all year.

Debbie said...

Beautiful items! When my husband was alive, we always opened our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. I miss him and that tradition.


Llyn M said...

Now that we are only two and our kids are out of state, MDH and I started a silly tradition of having an English dessert of the silly named Spotted Dick with custard sauce.It's really quite good despite it's name. If you've never heard of it, just Google it!

The Rose Room said...

They are so whimisical! Rachaelxo

Lisa said...

Oh what a great giveaway! THANKS for offering! I do hope I win! My favorite Christmas tradition is having Moravian Sugar Cake for breakfast. We would go to Winston-Salem to the historic Salem and get direct from the still working bakery. It always smelled soooooo good! It was almost better than the presents!!
Hugs, Lisa

Small House said...

Great giveaway.

December 23, we pull out the blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, turn on all the Christmas lights, build a fire in the fireplace, and sleep "under the Christmas tree." OKAY....we aren't really under it, more around it, but that's what we call it. When the kids were small, that meant we stayed up late that night, and so when December 24 came the following day, they were tired and ready for bed. Which helped Santa out allot.

Now they are all teenagers, and still, on December 23, we sleep "under the Christmas tree."
It's been a fun family tradition.
Have a great day.

Karen Beth said...

Hi Mary Jane,
I am here in Idaho. I grew up here and went away for awhile, but I missed it so much. One of my favorite memories of Christmas was going to my Grandma and Grandpa Howard's house after we opened presents and had breakfast. It was so like the song: "Over the River and threw the woods". They didn't live in the woods but they lived in the country. We always had a great time with cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Such warm, toasty memories.

Kristen said...

My husband reads the Christmas story from the Bible every year. That is my favorite tradition.

Kristen Smith

Claudia said...

What a generous giveaway, Maryjane! I would love to win one of your always wonderful creations!

Well, let me see....we always turn on the tv Christmas morning to the channel that has a yule log burning with Christmas music in the background. I know it sounds crazy, but we don't have a fireplace and my husband LOVES seeing the yule log. I also make a coffee cake on Christmas Eve that we have on Christmas morning. I only make this particular recipe once a year. We love it so, but we want to keep it special!


Dolly said...

MaryJane, I love your banners and would be thrilled to win one!

My favorite Christmas tradition is I make each of our children something very special and I wrap it extra pretty and the card reads "from my heart to yours".

Also even though we are all grown with children we still all meet at mums house Christmas morning {early}

Have a wonderful day,

Deb said...

Wonderful give away Maryjane ~
Christmas time is all about tradition for us ~ my favourite is Christmas Eve we have a family dinner with favourite Carols playing,then attend the candle light service at Church, after Church we drive around our neighbourhood looking at all the lights/decorations, come home where I have new pj's and a tree ornament waiting at the bottom of my children's beds and then we all gather in the family room for popcorn/ hot chocolate and watch A Christmas Carol ♥

Helen said...

Our entire family always attends Midnight Mass together and then walks up the block to my house and has tamales. The kiddies then open one gift, and everyone goes home to bed to await Santa's visit!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

My mom still buys my sister and I new pajamas every year and we open them on Christmas Eve. It is so nice to wake up on Christmas morning in some new jammies!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Stopping back by to invite you to participate in "Black Friday" flea market.....details are on my blog.

I am trying to rally up the blogging girls that I know that sell vintage or hand~made so we can put together a Rocking Flea Market...hope you can join and boy do I hope I win your give~away~lol

Katmom said...

oh my, just one memory...lol! I think all my memories are the best, but I love my Holidays that were spent living in Germany with my mothers family...the food & "Stolen" (sweet egg bread) that mom & Oma would bake up with raisins & currents.
And a warm glass of Gluhwein with the dessert...a tradition we still follow.

Linda Stubbs said...

My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve our whole family gets together at our home, all 19 of us. All the older sons and their wives bring finger foods that their family enjoys and then I cook the regulars that we have fixed from the time the boys were young. We first eat and then after Poppa (my Phil) reads us the Christmas story, with only the Christmas lights on the tree. It is a very special time and it keeps all of our minds on the real reason for Christmas. Jesus.
Blessings, Linda
Your giveaway is adorable, beautiful and so would love to come and live at my house!!! Hehehe

Busy As Can Be said...

One of our favorite traditions (or I should say mine) is to get my trees up with lights on for Thanksgiving dinner. No decoration until after. And then when we decorate we alway listen to Christmas Music and eat chocolates. We did have munity on Christmas when someone thru away the chocolate picture that tells you what chocolate is what. HAHAHA


Many Years ago as a new bride, I bought myself a Cheap Silver plate Tea Service at the Navy Exchange and I hosted my first Victorian Christmas Tea. It becae a tradition. One year I was so busy catering other peoples parties ,I had no time to do my own. I started getting calls from friends asking if I was mad at them cause they hadn't been invited to my Tea Party and they were looking forward to it. I was sad I couldnt do a party that year but flattered that people look forward to it. I may not have one his year as hurricane Ike wiped us out and I am still trying to find work . I get more depressed by the day.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Count me in Maryjane!!

What beautiful things you make!! You are so talented hun!!

Hmmm, Traditions? mostly all the typical ones, trimming the tree with my kids, making cookies, baking pies etc. But if I have one that might be a little different, it's that the kids and I go out , with scissors and clippers in hand ( about 2-3weeks before xmas ) and try and round up some fresh berries, holly, and anything seasonal. We get dressed all warm, and spend the day filling up our baskets , then come home to hot coco and we sit and make wreaths, centerpieces etc for the holidays :) It's my favorite day of the year with them!!

Hope you are well sweetie! Great give-away!!! Hugs, Cynthia

Tiffani said...

my favorite traditions was cutting down our huge christmas tree at the farm, dad taping up the stairs so we couldn't get down to see what santa brought until everyone was awake, and just being together with family for Christmas eve dinner. xo : )

Lou Cinda said...

What a great give away!! One of our traditions is decorating the tree! We get out all of the ornaments that have so MUCH meaning and sentiment to them dating all the way back to my grandparents trees when they were young. We play Christmas Carols and drink hot chocolate while we decorate!

I also love the Lighting of the Greens at our church. At the very end everyone has a lit candle and the lights are turned off in the church and we sing carols accapella in the candlelight. I cry at that moment, every single year.....

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

Signs and Salvage said...

We always buy one of the Christmas Trees that are still tied up in twine...so that you cannot tell what it really looks like until we get home. It is always a surprise...sometimes...beautiful...sometimes...total Charlie Brown Tree!! We laugh about it every year!!

Lucy Jones said...

When my children were growing up, each Christmas they received a unique Christmas ornament. Some came from countries we visited, others were handmade, others were vintage ones we'd found. When the ornaments were carefully packed away each year, all their ornaments went into a special box marked for each child. As they grew up and moved away from home, they were given their special ornaments to start a tree in their own home. Later, when all had left home, they began to give me an ornament each year, because they realized I'd given them all away!

Just a little something from Judy said...

what a lovely giveaway. The banners are so beautifully done. I am sure everyone would love to win one of those.

My favorite Christmas memory of a tradition, is the wonderful, delicious breakfast, including homemade cinnamon rolls, that our mother would treat us to every Christmas morning. The sweet aroma would greet us and we were so excited to eat this meal together. Dad made sure we did not rush through this meal, in appreciation for all the work Mom did to make it. Precious memories.

Shirl said...

Hello Maryjane, my favorite tradition started almost 19 years ago when my first grandson would come over to help decorate the tree. We always decorate the tree, have hot chocolate and some snacks. Now I enjoy this tradition with three grandsons. Even though they are teenagers now they still come up. Love it!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Melinda Cornish said...

I have a tree angel that I got the first year I was married....it is thirty years old and it is corn husk and paper basically, all prettied up...Well, when the kids were little, one year we pulled it out and it was pretty beat up..x up .I wanted to buy something fancier, they wanted to fix up "their angel" every year since, we redecorate her with flowers and ribbons and whatever inspiration hits us...I now do it with the grandkids.....she is beat up, but she is ours......Thanks for the giveaway.......Melinda

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

My favorite tradition is to place an advent wreath with candles for each week of Christmas to help remind me to focus on the spiritual side of the holiday. Cooking & baking with my daughters and grandaughter is special too! You can see what we did this weekend at stickhorsecowgirls.blogspot.com to prepare for the holidays!
I love your site--vintage is my thing for sure!! Hoping I win one of those glorious banners! V.

Pamela Knopf said...

Our anniversary is December 7th, so one of our favorite traditions is on our anniversary, we would go pick out our Christmas tree, take it home, and decorate it with the children.

Another favorite tradition is watching White Christmas. It is our most fav movie of all! I could watch it just about every day during the holidays.

Kris said...

First I must say...I LOOOOVE your blog! I was in heaven perusing it!! I have ALWAYS wanted a vintage trailer, and you have got me all fired up again! I will be back, soon. I too am in So. Cal!
: ) Hugs,
Kris in Cali

Mimi Sue said...

Love your banner and tags. You are so talented. I was in your daughter's and my daughter's ward last Sunday. The Primary program was adorable.
We buy ornaments on vacation instead of T shirts as souvenirs. Our tree is filled with cute things from Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, Walt Disney World, Santa Barbara, Monterey, etc. Have a great week. Mimi

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

If it's not too late, I'd like to enter the drawing too. My favorite tradition is probably buying ornaments for each of my kids. It started when my first was born and I made an ornament for his first Christmas. Of course, I didn't realize then that we would have 6 kids, so we have alot or ornaments now. I've told them that when they move out, they get to take theirs with them, so they'll have ornaments on their own trees.

kellymac said...

We have lots of things that we do the same every year, but one that has been almost as exciting as Christmas morning itself to my children is what we do on Christmas Eve. We have the lights off except the Christmas tree and candles and have a fire in the fireplace where we roast our hot dogs and make s'mores. It makes an easy supper for me and the kids really love it. It gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy our time together, laugh together, and they share wonderful things that don't have anything to do with presents.

wmcrwfrd said...

Beautiful banners! Thank you for the giveaway!

My favorite tradition is the lighting of the Advent wreath each night and doing our nightly Advent reading together as a family. It's tough during the busy season, but it helps us focus on what's important!

Thank you!