Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank You Tina!

A popular pretty face in Blogland...Sweet, Sassy TINA!

Everyone wants a kitchen like Tina's!
Cottage/Farmgirl Style...heaven!
Sweet Tina from Cherry Hill Cottage Blog made a visit to me yesterday to tell me that she chose 10 of her favorite Cottage Blogs and put them on ! To my surprise I was one of the cottage blogs she had chosen! I am so thrilled and honored, especially coming from Tina! It has been one day since she told me and I will be one happy camper for some time! Oh, thank you Tina!

Tina has been a big influence in my blogland life which has spilled over into my everyday life. I have tried sooooo many of Tina's YUMMY recipes, which have brought happy faces to hubby and our grandchildren! The one that is in high demand here is her CHICKEN POT PIE
(my CHICKEN POT PIE recipe post is below in picture box) which I have posted about. Tina's home is just the cutest cottage in blogland! Sweet "Tina" touches throughout her cottage. Last Christmas I think that most of us went out and bought the checkered red and white quilt she had on her bed that she bought at JC Penney. I visited many blogs and saw them on many beds, including mine!!!!!
She is darling, uplifting and inspiring!
She is a TEXAS gal with a big heart!

Here is a little peek into her cottage! Give her a visit! You won't want to ever leave!

THANK YOU TINA! XOX Here is the quilt that Tina made famous and JC Penney rich!
Isn't her bedroom darling!

Oh can that girl cook!

Now go get a recipe or two! She's awaiting for ya!

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