Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday, Mending & Thank You!

Yummiest CUPCAKES I have ever eaten! Fresh & natural! Thanks Honey!
Hello! I am back! 5 days now since my unexpected gallbladder surgery and I am sooooo grateful it is behind me now! Doing well. I want to Thank You all for your loving Well Wishes and thoughts & prayers! An outpouring that means the world to me and the best kind of medicine for mending! You have touched my heart forever. xox Heidi Ann dear, thank you for posting the sweet post! What a wonderful welcome when I got home.

Well was my first day getting "completely" dressed! Today is my Birthday and two of my daughters came to help me celebrate while their children were in school. Thank you Shelli & Heidi for making my tummy hurt from laughing, eating and spoiling me! Daughter Tiffani's gift came in the mail today just in time (yummy, my favorite tea party creamed filled cookies, oh girl!) and son Nathan called from TX after flying clients there to flyfish. Life is good and I feel grateful on my 57th Birthday...
oh my, did I tell you my age?!!!
I took this "self portrait" today. Hummmm, 57? Can't be true!
Now waiting for Honey to come home to be spoiled a bit more!

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