Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tealight Holders For My Trees!

Since I wrote the paragraph below, I took some night pictures of the tealights and half of my front porch. I will be painting all the brown trim WHITE very soon. Just a little face~lift until we can paint the entire house. During the early evenings or cool late afternoons I have been found asleep on either of the two wicker couches with a crochet hook & yarn in my hand! I made some little tealight holders to hang in my trees today out of canning jars. If the winds are up I will use battery tealights but most of the time the regular tealights are perfect. This is the first batch of many I will make! I want them in the front yard and back yard for the pretty evenings we have been having. Just adds a little whimsy.
Simple to make and cute as a button (jar)! Yesterday I worked in the front yard flower bed...more rose trees to plant and some flowers. Love getting my hands in the dirt!

Maryjane xox

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