Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Place Called Home...

I could pinch myself every time I walk into our sweet guest room and there stands this precious sink made in the 1800's! Can you imagine what a wife felt having this luxury in her home! Running water (no plumbing required!) from a quaint little sink? I bet she kept it looking as cute as a button with pride!
This little sink was given to me by my daughter Heidi a couple days ago. Her dear friend Alex gave it to her knowing it would find a loving home. Thank you Alex for your kindness and loving heart. After oiling the little sink and accessorizing it, I lite my wood wick candle (it sounds like a crackling fireplace) and sat on the bed to ponder about this little addition to our home. I was actually overcome with sweet feelings like the sink was talking to me about it's past! People that used it and it's history through time. I was touched by this sweet experience and grateful I sat down to listen! I hope the next person who owns the little sink someday,
will love it as it has been loved for over 130+ years!
The homemade rose soaps smell so good and old fashion. I added some PINK packing peanuts to make it look like bubbles! The rose crocheted washcloths are a perfect fit.
This is where the water is stored that holds a few gallons. Turn that cute faucet on and out runs the water! The water then runs into a bucket that is enclosed under the sink. This is how it looks if I left it down but that will never happen because I love the sink to show! Maryjane xox

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