Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just had one of those days and needed my little CHOCOLATE FIX! I reached to the very back of the refrigerator and found my special little treat...a tub of chocolate frosting! All I needed was 1, okay 2 spoonfuls of creamy dark chocolate! Instant satisfaction!
One day recently my three daughters and I were emailing each other back and forth (it's so much fun!) laughing and talking about how much we all LOVE frosting!!! One by one they all confessed to keeping a tub of frosting tucked and hidden away in their fridge's to! (And I thought they never saw it!) Our hubby's don't know about it but I am sure their daughters know and won't tell a soul!
A girls gotta have a CHOCOLATE FIX in private sometimes!
Thanks Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams for giving me the craving! LOL!

Do have a chocolate fix? Where is your stash hidden?

Teach your daughters well!
Maryjane xox

I love girly secrets! Thanks for sharing!

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