Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pearls ~ MJ

My sweet new blogging friend Elyse from Cottage~Tinkered Treasures-Elyse has a darling Esty store that she just opened. I was her very first Etsy customer so when I got her package (super fast shipping & cute items, by the way!) she enclosed a sweet Thank initials in pearls! What a wonderful surprise. Isn't she clever? I just love them! Thanks Elyse!
Maryjane XO


TattingChic said...

Very pretty!How sweet and thoughtful of your blogging friend to send them to you! I've seen
these somewhere around where I live at a lovely designer's boutique. I love them.

Lorri said...

This is lovely, thanks for posting her etsy site.

Kathy said...

How cute is that!

Angela said...

too sweet of her.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Maryjane!

Oh how pretty!! That Elyse is such a sweetie! Those are so unique, I adore them! I have to get over to her shop, Im afraid I won't be able to stop, I love everything she makes, such talent!

Hope you had a wonderful New Years and Happy 2009! I look forward to all your new posts in the coming year!

Hugs, Cynthia

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a great gift! I love those...oh, and hello there :) nice to meet you!

Mimi Sue said...

Aren't they the cutest? I love pearls. Mimi

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

I love the post card tree ornaments you made..
glad you came over..
you are a fly fisher gal I am impressed..
I'm not a fishing woman .. but my hubby and sons love it.. we ate a steelhead they caught --I took it out of the freezer-- for dinner tonight it was wonderful.. I'll be back too
hugs, Patty

Maison Douce said...

What a darling and thoughtful gift!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I truly appreciate it!!

cinnamon cottage said...

Hi MaryJane
Thankyou for visiting my blog...I have just popped over to your site and I have fell in love with it it is so sweet, and your family are just adorable I will be back again very soon. blessings Jan xx

Beverly said...

How sweet! I will have to check out that Etsy site! Hope you are having a wonderful 2009 so far. If your package does not arrive by the end of the week, please let me know....I will resend another if I can find one! Hugs!

Elyse said...

hi maryjane!

i'm so happy that you like your pearl initials. you are so kind and sweet and encouraging. i could go on and on!

thank you for mentioning my etsy site. i am off to buy pink paint today to tinker more treasures!

have a great day, sweetie!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sweetie!

I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts, they were great! Love the initials in pearls!! Very chic!

Have a wonderful New Year!!!

big hugs, Sherry

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How very thoughtful and so pretty! blessings, Kathleen

Lana said...

Lovely! I'll have to go have a peek at her shop.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Such a pretty blog, you have here!

And how did I happen to find it?

By reading the comments in 'Button Willow Guest Book.'

Since hers is about the most precious blog ever, I thought I could find kindred spirits, in her Guest Book. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"It snowed and snowed, the whole world over,..."

Tiffani said...

How nice and what a fun surprise!
love ya! : )


I love the initials and I love Elyse too, isn't she a sweetie! Happy New Year!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Very Pretty!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Those are darling! I love them.

Kathi said...

Oh I love those pearls. What a sweet and pretty idea. You always brighten my day with your comments. Thanks so much. Hugs, Kathi