Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to You!
My very favorite costume I worn for Halloween was a WITCH costume! It was all black and my cape had beautiful GOLD GLITTER swirls all over it! I can see and feel it still in my mind! Another year I was "Mary had a Little Lamb" and pulled a wooden lamb covered with cotton balls on wheels!
One year as my Mother was taking all 5 of us kids door to door, we noticed a hunched over witch that followed us to each door! At times she would run in front of us and put her bag out first and was quite rude! When she was behind us walking, she would POKE us with her broom!!! We were spooked to say the least! My Mother giggled a few times so we knew we were not in danger. Finally after a L O N G block of Trick or Treating THE WITCH unveiled her was our favorite
Aunt Opal playing a naughty trick on us!!!
What fun MEMORIES!
What was your favorite costume or
fun memory of Halloween?

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