Friday, August 29, 2008

The British Have Invaded the USA-1964!

Who was your FAVORITE BEATLE?!!!!
George, John, Paul or Ringo?

I am almost screaming this as I write it! Remember how exciting it was when the Beatles came to America! We could hardly sleep and when we did, we were dreaming of them! Remember the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 live from New York where they were first introduced? My cousin Suzi has pictures of it, yes with her little Brownie camera she snapped black & white photos of the TV screen during the show! What a hoot! When I was 12 years old the movie "Hard Days Night" (their first movie) was playing at a local theater in my hometown, where my cousin and I went to see it! The theater was FILLED with screaming girls and of course I was one of them! I had to be taken out of the theater by an usher and taken to the street outside to catch my breath! My heart was hurting and I couldn't breath! Such emotions for a little girl but those Beatles knew how to pull at a girls heartstrings!

My cousin loved Ringo and had EVERYTHING that was "Ringo"! Her collection was large and expensive! The day Ringo got married she had me come over to help her "trash" everything that she collected of him! She sobbed with each poster she ripped off the wall and each item, one by one she threw into the trash! Her heart was broken! I am sure she wishes she could have all that stuff back because she would be a rich woman today! LOL!

My favorite song at 12 years old was...
"I Want to Hold Your Hand"!
Anyhoo, my FAVORITE BEATLE was PAUL! Dreamy PAUL! My teenage years wouldn't have been the same without the Beatles, Beach Boys and friends! XO XO XO XO

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