Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back Home!

My PINK boots!

I am back home from a
Sisters on the Fly trip,
The Ponderosa Sisters Stampede in
McCall, Idaho!
I will be posting some pictures of trailers and adventures over the next few days!
Maryjane xo


Cathy Cobblestone said...
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Priscilla said...

Ooohh I love your PINK boots!I wish I could get some of those where I live!

See you again soon

Priscilla x

Autumn said...

I feel like I've been "pinked"!!!
I don't normally like the color pink- but you are winning me over!!!!! It's soothing,eh?
I just love meandering through your blog!!! And your cake REALLY had NO calories!!:)I'll have another piece!!!

Diana Lyn said...

Oh those PINK BOOTS! I love them! XO Diana Lyn

CIELO said...

Love those pink boots; so cute!


Stephanie said...

I love the pink boots, I have every other color but pink- maybe those will be my next pair!! Please post more pics of your trip- I bet you had a blast !

papa sue said...

Hi Maryjane,

Love your boots - what a great color! Thanks for the pictures of PSS. If you have one of you and Grace in your aprons will you please post it?


Sue SOTF #911

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE those pink boots!!!!!!!


Rue said...

Hi Maryjane :)

I love those boots! The trailer in the last post is darling too :)


Ann said...

These are so cool! Love the pink!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Maryjane, I love you pink boots...they are so YOU!
Love, Ann

Sue said...

Your pink boots are so cute. I'm totally fascinated with Vintage Travel Trailers these days. The pictures below of Pamela's trailer are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

*Shelli* said...

Love the boots mom! They have been to many places. Glad you had fun and want to see more pix :)


Love pink boots and I love the vintage trailer with all the red in it, makes me want to redo mine again, I did mine cottage style and I love it although for summer I add bits of red to it, but the one in your previous post is just so darn cute! Come by and visit my little vintage camper, you can see it on my blog and also on The Old Painted Cottage, cottage garden of the month in May 08.

3CHEERS4MOM said...

WOW! Are you part of the group Sisters on the Fly?????? I just wrote about this group on my Mom’s Gone Wild blog. I never knew that any of this existed when I started Mom's Gone Wild and I'm so excited!! Cheers, amy

Cori G. said...

Hi Mary Jane,
Thanks for stopping by my blogs. One of them (gingerbread crumbs...) was under construction but it's all back in place now. Anyway, I would love to hear your story about Dayton Taylor. He's located somewhere down the street from me and I keep thinking about stopping in to see what he's working on if anything. It looks like you girls have a lot of fun! The fly fishing...not sure about that as I don't like to touch fish. EY! But the rest looks like so much fun.
Hope to see you soon.
:) Cori

Cori G. said...

OH! P.S.
I added you to my little blog roll so I can come visit often!
:) Cori

3CHEERS4MOM said...

Mary Jane,
You are such a doll! Thank you for your sweet comments On Mom’s Gone Wild. I am thinking of joining.
Will you teach me how to Fly Fish? I have always thought that it is a wonderful sport! -Cheers, Amy

Beverly said...

Love the boots....they are so YOU!!!

Wendy Kay said...

Those boots are too cute! I just love them! Long live the color PINK! I am so missing you all and hope to see you soon! I am blessed to call you my Aunt! Hugs!