Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Mother's Day Dinner at Grandma's House! Here are 7 of our 11 grandchildren. We love our grandchildren to pieces! They are wonderful children with sweet & loving spirits! Hailey, Garrett, Blake, Kelsey, Ashley, Austin & Chandler. Mark, Eric, Brayden & Baby Sadie sent their love. xo


Heidi said...

The kids had a blast! I am still full from the BBQ! =)

*Shelli* said...

oh they are so cute :)

Anne Fannie said...

Maryjane they are growing up so FAST!!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a bunde of blessings! You are blessed indeed.


Tiffi said...

wish i was there! i glad you had a happy mother's day! love you, tiffi xo

Ruth Anne said...

The kids are amazing!! What a wonderful Mommys' you all

Julie said...

Wow! 2 Mother's Days -- one from your children and another from your grandchildren!!!! So blessed, so blessed indeed!
I just can't wait!!!!