Monday, May 12, 2008

MaryJanes Farm Magazine

I was so excited to get my FAVORITE magazine in the mail. It is filled with good reading and inspiring pictures! I am a member of MaryJanes Farm. I am Farmgirl Sister #44. A few months ago we had a "Pinkeeper" contest and my sweet friend Karin won! I was thrilled to see her featured in MJF magazine this mouth...her and her darling "pinkeeper"! Congratulations Karin! I am so proud of YOU! MaryJane Butters has other Farmgirls featured throughout the magazine and it is so exciting to see names and pictures of wonderful farmgirls I am associated with! I am a city girl but I have farmgirl running through my blood! When you see this fabulous magazine, grab it! I promise you will enjoy every page of it!
Love, Maryjane

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