Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am off Flyfishing with The Sisters on the Fly!

Hello Everyone! Guess what?! I am sitting in my little 1957 vintage travel trailer on a Sisters on the Fly trip at the Kern River here in CA. I flyfished with a Guide ALL day today-9am to 5pm! I caught some fish! The river is high and flowing strong!! I LOVE to flyfish!!! What an art! I took lots of pictures of my trailer and me! heehee! I will post some pictures on Monday when I get back!

This is a trip where the husbands are invited (only once a year!) And hubby is having a blast! Talk to you soon my friends!

Love, Maryjane xo
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Tiffi said...

oh that sounds so refreshing! i love the outdoors and nature! enjoy your time there! i can't wait to see the photos and hear about what else you did!
love you and give dad a hug for me!
love, tiff xo

Leisa said...

Hi maryjane - I so look forward to seeing pictures of your little trailer and your time away.

madrekarin said...

Oh my gosh!That sounds like so much fun. Have a great time and catch a fish for me. :)

Ruth Anne said...

I know your both having a great time...ENJOY!!!!...xxxooo

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Maryjane I can't wait to see pictures and to hear about your fun trip! Have a wonderful time! blessings, Kathleen

GRAMS said...

Oh I am sooo jealous. I was sister 568. Maybe I should renew my membership. Have fun. Janis

Heidi said...

How fun! Soak it all up. I'd love to be where you are! It's 100 degrees today! Catch those fish! xo

GardenGoose said...

have fun! but then I know you will.

Donna Lynn said...

Sounds like your on a fun adventure! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get back!

Donna Lynn

Katmom said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! your having fun on the Kern & here I sit fighting 'skeeters,,,, hope you & your mister are enjoying Camp James. KIt really is a nice campground.
If you see Dale G., tell her Hi for me. She was up here for our Walla Walla SOTF get together.
Hugz & see ya in 32 more days for SOTF McCall! Wahoo-Wagons ho!

Beemoosie said...

Oh it sounds so fun!!! I hope you'll have pictures to show us!

Pam said...

Oh what fun...I love fishing, but haven't had the chance to go this year, yet! I can hardly wait to see the pictures....have fun!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, MaryJane!
This sounds like too much fun!
I'm so glad that your husband got to go with you!
I can't wait to see the pictures!
Have a great time and be safe!!!!

sa said...