Thursday, May 22, 2008

The laughter of girls is, & ever was among the delightful sounds of the earth.
De Quincey
I bought this sweet book several years ago and each time I pick it up to read, I feel like I am reading it for the first time! I also get to read many sweet notes from family & friends I have tucked inside it that I cherish. Time fades away but never the friendships, new and old.

Girlfriends Forever is about joys of sharing everything with a good, stories and wonderful ideas!

This little book is for sisters, grandmas, aunts, moms & daughters ~ & for the best friends we couldn't live with out.

A candle passes it's fire from wick to wick & loses nothing in the act...

I am grateful for my Daughters, Sisters & You!

Maryjane xo



The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

I just found your blog via Yesteryear Embroideries.

I love you Trailer! Where can I get one? Seriously! I love it.

Very cool!

Pink Portuguese Roses

Heidi said...

I like that! When I cracked your book open tonight I LOVED that it does have your love notes inside! How special!!! xo

Pam said...

I love Susan Branch! What a dear book.
Have a beautiful weekend,

Joy said...

I just love Susan Branchs books we have several at the library.

madrekarin said...

Add me to those who love Susan Branch! I don't have that particular book. Off to search for it.

Coal Miners Daughter said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting me .I love your blog.
Thanks Dotty

Julie said...

Well, Hi Miss MaryJane!

Susan Branch just draws and writes the prettiest things! I've not ever seen this book before. But her Autumn one (I've checked out from our library, too much!) It's out of print, now. :*(

Guess what you "made" me do? I subscribed to MaryJane's magazine!
I can't wait to start receiving them!


Stephanie said...

I have never seen that one, I will have to look for it now !!

suzeeez said...

I'm also a Susan Branch lover ...I have a whole pile of her books & I love to look at them over and over again. I love the writing and beautiful artwork .
Your blog is also very nice . I just skimmed through this time but I'll be back to visit again .