Monday, May 19, 2008

Flyfishing with Hubby & Sisters on the Fly

Went flyfishing & camping in my little trailer for 5 glorious days on the Kern River, CA with the

Sisters on the Fly!

Once a year we have a gathering with the guys...Sister/Mister where our hubbies can come! What a blast we had! My hubby Don & I had a guide with us for one WHOLE day! 9am-5pm with lunch! Caught several fish and learned more techniques about the art of flyfishing. Yes, that is my feet relaxing and taking in the beautiful Kern River.

Ahhhh, a bit of heaven here on earth!
P.S. We always do "catch & release" when fishing. It is such a wonderful experience to take the small hook out of the rainbow trouts month and gently release it back into the river! Might see him the next time I flyfish! xo

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