Sunday, May 4, 2008

I LOVE to collect vintage hankies! I have a huge drawer full of them that I replenish often because I love to give them to others...daughters, granddaughters, sisters & friends.
Here is a lovely vintage "Mother" hankie in honor of
my sweet Mother Gloria Mae.
My dear friend Ann (Anne Fannie of Green Acres) made a darling "hankie curtain" for her bright & cheery laundry room! Maybe she will share a picture with us on her blog! (hint Ann!)
Do you collect vintage hankies? xo


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Maryjane, well you shamed me into it, I posted a pic of how I have decorated with Vintage Hankies on my blog.
I just love vintage hankies and I love the one you posted with "Mother" on it. Very pretty!
Love, Ann

HAINAngel2000 said...

I have 2 different hankies both were from great grandparents. I love them!!!!

I love your hanky its very pretty!

Julie said...

Oh, MaryJane!
It's just lovely! Just so lovely.........

Katmom said...

why of course I collect Hankies,,,doesn't everyone? lol!
I have quit the stash, and can hardly wait to show them to you when you come visit.
I collect them like a dryer collects lint! haha! then I hand launder them & rinse them in lavender water.
I also carry a hankie in my hand bag, as my mother always said, "A proper young lady always carries a hankie". I don't know if I am proper, but I do carry a hankie.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Gracie, I carry my hankies everywhere to! A pocket in my apron, my jeans, my purse, you name it! Ask my kids & grandkids, they will tell you "yes, she does!" I never use a tissue anymore. I even have some western ones for our Sisters on the Fly outings! heehee! Maryjane xo

madrekarin said...

That is such a beautiful handkerchief! I have so many of them, that I have to sneak new ones into the house so my dh doesn't see them. I do use them, for things other than their original purpose. Although, they do come in handy for that too.

shirl said...

Hi Maryjane, Oh yes I love hankies too. I have a huge collection of them and I use them for gifts also, I make sachets and Victorian Crackers from them. I also have my bathroom valance done with them. I will be doing a blog post on my bath in a month or so and you can see it then. Have you ever seen the quilt book called Hankie Pankie? It's adorable, I'm working on a quilt from that book. What a great post!!!

Donna Lynn said...

I found you from anne fannie~! I love your blog, what fun I am having looking at your posts, I will need to get a cup of coffee in the AM and come back and enjoy each one!
Blessings, Donna Lynn

Donna Lynn said...

P.S. Added you to my blog roll too...

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh yes, I collect vintage hankies, matter-of-fact I collect most everything. Love your blog site, so enjoy visitin'. Happy Anniversary and Blessings, RoseMarie

Ann said...

I don't collect them but I have 3 from when I was a little girl! I'm saving them for something. Not sure what! Any suggestions on how to display them?

Holly said...

Hi, Maryjane! I'm Holly and i'm enjoying the beauty of your blog. Yes, I collect hankies, too. Like Shirl, I also have some hanging for my bathroom valance. I used to have more but they were lost in a move. "They" say that 3 moves equal a fire... Well, if that's the case then i've had a few fires! Ha!

Have a wonderful day!