Saturday, April 5, 2008

I learned to Crochet this year!

I have always wanted to learn how to crochet and had a strong desire to do so! I bought one of the greatest books "MaryJane's Stitching Room" by MaryJane Butters. There in her book she taught me how to crochet! It took me a couple months to get the hang of it but finally I did and now I can't put my crochet hook down! I have always wanted to crochet dishcloths and I am very content if that is all I do! Crocheting is very relaxing and rewarding. I giggle each time I pick up my yarn & hook and think "I am crocheting!"
I keep my yarn and supplies in this cute jean purse that I embellished with
yo-yo's and beads.

Giggle, giggle!

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