Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Favorite Place to Visit...

Here in Old Town Temecula, CA you will find one of my favorite places to visit...I can and have spent hours looking in every nook and cranny of this quint store! Fabulous fabrics and a large selection. I love all the vintage-looking fabric of yesteryear. A sweet group of ladies have asked me to join their Quilting Bee. How wonderful! They meet upstairs every other Thursday. Some sew on their darling vintage Singer Lightweights! I have been offered to buy one they just happen to have...I think I just might HAVE to!
After all the buying of fabric, here is a cozy little place to catch your breathe before loading all your goods in the car!!!



Katie said...

I love independent fabric stores -- selection is always more interesting and it's great to support a small business. This one looks just great . . . if the drive from Illinois wasn't quite so long, I'd be there with ya!

Anne Fannie said...

Maryjane: I have been to this quilt place! Everytime I go with Don to a car show in Old Town Temecula I make sure I visit this fabric store. The fabrics are so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your homemade quilts on your blog!
Love, Ann

Julie said...

Oh, MaryJane!

I just love that little quilt shop!
It looks like such a charming little place to visit! I didn't know that you quilted, too! That is truly such a talent!!!

I love that Dick and Jane fabric!
Our son learned to read from the Dick and Jane books, so it's extra sentimental for me!!!

I have a little something for you at my blog, when you get a chance to visit!


Leisa said...

What a beautiful place for you to be able to visit!! I hope one day I can travel and find wonderful places to visit.

madrekarin said...

I have been to Old Town Temecula! It was quite a few years ago, but I loved the charm of that whole area. My friend, Tamara, lived there, and her mom (my best friend) and I went out to visit her. It was my one and only trip out West, and I hope one day to get back there.
The Quilter's Coop looks heavenly! Just my kind of place. I would snag up that Singer! I have my great-grandmother's and I would not trade it for anything!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I simply want to live there! What a lovely dream!


Rhondi said...

Hi Mary Jane
I found you through a comment you left on another blog and have just had a delightful time looking at all the beautiful photos you've posted! That quilt shop looks great. I am a quilter too.