Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aprons, Cookbooks & My Mother's BURNING BRA!

Caption for an article in Romantic Homes under the entertaining section:
The hostess with the mostest is cooking up with some style.
Broken from the shackles of feminism, she's learned that cute aprons are a better look then a burned bra.
I love this quote!!!

As usual I found myself in front of the magazine rack at the grocery store! My favorite part of the store may I add! Any-hoo I found the latest issue of Romantic Homes and brought it home. To my joy I found an article on aprons & cookbooks and I was excited to see a cookbook I have. I won it at a Give-a-Way by Janice-Miss Bee Haven over at MaryJane's Farm.
I love this "picture" cookbook!
~A MUST READ! My true story...funny!
Now I have to tell you about My Mother & her burning Bra! I was about 10 years old when this happened. It was winter time and the rain was coming down so we couldn't hang our cloths out on the clothesline. My Mother had washed her bra and she needed it to dry fast so she put it in the oven (mind you!) at a low temperature. A few minutes later we smelled smoke and sure enough her bra was on fire! Daddy grab the broom and hoisted that burning bra out of the oven and ran through the house to the front door! The screen door flung open and out went the huge fireball! Watching Daddy throw it from the porch was hysterical! There on our front lawn laid Mommy's burning bra and all 5 of us kids, Mommy & Daddy laughing to the top of our lungs!!!
I think my Mother was the first one ever to burn a bra in the 1960's!!!
Maryjane xo


*Shelli* said...

The blog looks beautiful!!! You always have funny stories and I can hear grandma giggling! Who was the one who taught us to freeze :)

Heidi said...

That is the funniest story! I can totally picture it! I miss Grandma Gloria! =(

Julie said...

Beautiful picture! I just love your cookbook!

That story is just too funny! If that happened to my bra -- it would just be a small *poof* in the oven ;*) !!!


Anonymous said...

I love the story of your moms Bra..I can just see G-Pa R doing that and all the girls laughing... to cute...
Beautiful Blog...I enjoy it so much..
Love Nancy Jane

Ann said...

What a funny story! Thanks for sharing. I have that cookbook and love it!