Thursday, September 24, 2015

Organizing My Jewelry

 For years I had my jewelry in individual zip lock bags
in ONE drawer of this "tallboy" dresser.
It became more difficult for me to find what I needed.
I was pulling out the entire drawer, putting it on the bed and 
shuffling through the mess!
By the time I found what I needed, I was frustrated!  
Knowing I needed to do something,
They come with the soft, fiber fill too!

When the boxes arrived shortly after ordering them, 
I dove into the mass of plastic bags, 
and began sorting & de~cluttering!

Under each box is its lid.
Great for traveling … grab, pack & go!
 Now when I open the drawers to coordinate
jewelry with an outfit,
it is quick, easy and a joy!
 Sometimes I find myself walking by the dresser,
can't help myself and have to take a peek!
 Also by being able to see all my jewelry,
I will see what I don't use overtime and can pass it along.
Like we do with clothing.
 Just trying to make life a little easier,
one step at a time!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicken Nesting Herbs

I have been wanting to try this nesting box
herb blend (natural pest control) by Lisa at

These herbs smell heavenly in the coop and
the blend helps fight off mites, etc. 
They are so pretty too!

My hubby giggled as I was showing & telling him all about the herbs.
He knows I love to spoil my girls!
They came packaged pretty with a calling card.
I received 3 sachets.

I used 1 sachet on 3 nesting boxes.
My little hen Daisy is molting,
so she is not her pretty self at the moment.
She doesn't mind the herbs at all!

I am a happy customer!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Quilted Chicken Door Stop

I did it!
My first time ever quilting something.
It's not a quilt but the basics of quilting.

has an awesome video showing how to make a chicken pincushion.
I thought I would use a charm pack and make it bigger for a door stop!

The chicken measures 8 1/2 x 9 inches,
 and weighs 2 1/2 lbs.
She is filled with 3/4's polyester fiber &
the bottom is filled 1/4 of pea rock.
Did I have fun!
I am on a roll now and will be making them for my sisters for Christmas.
I bought all my fabrics at
Primitive Gatherings.
I love their shop here in town!

I always use my rug mug!
No water circles or condensation build up on my table.
I have mug rugs in my ETSY shop!
This is the other side of my hen.
I think I did a pretty good job matching up the seams for the first time (wink,wink).
Look at those darling tail feathers!
For the others I will use a larger "prairie point" under the three.
I am planning on using different methods for the comb.
I can't wait to see what half fabric yoyo's would look like!

Charlie and Sammie (Samantha)
are always there giving me support!
Now off to make some more chickens …
here chickie, chick, chick!

Get yourself a fabric charm pack and makes some!
Hummm … wonder if my chickens would like one in their coop?!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Freezing Fresh Eggs

Many times my hens eggs add up, so I give them away. 
Recently, I have noticed on a few chicken blogs 
that we can freeze eggs!
I thought how perfect that will be for 
the winter months when my hens lay less.

Perfect for baking, fried egg sandwiches,
scrambled eggs … the list goes on.
Sweet Myrtle 

Getting some help from some of my favorite
chicken blogs 
I went to work!
 I took 2 dozen eggs and washed them with 
luke~warm water & mild soap.
 I set up my station to make it fast and easy.

I bought these silicone trays HERE.
You can also use a muffin tin or ice trays.
I cracked an egg in each divider.
I sprinkled a dash of salt on each egg, covered, and put into the freezer.

*The yolk can gel, thicken or becomes grainy when frozen,
so the salt slows down the process.
You do not have to use the salt.

The next batch I will try it without.
More details on this topic is on blogs listed above.
After they were completely frozen I popped them out,
and put them in freezer bags for future baking.

Thaw overnight in fridge
or under COLD water. 
As I use them up, I will freeze more!

They last up in the freezer for 6+ months.
Clean up was easy breezy!
Until next time, have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Miniature Tea Cup Succulents

 I am addicted to miniature succulents!

While visiting one of my favorite antique shops Cottage Charm,
I spotted these adorable creations!
Cerine and Christy make them.

I had to bring several home and since these pics were taken, 
I have collected more.
Tiny succulents in crystal creamers, ceramic baskets …
 silver gravy boats, pretty china creamers…
 clear glass tea cups & saucers …
 and more … 
 endless china creamers …

 They have bloomed tiny flowers 
since I took these pics of white, pink and yellow!
 They are thriving and I am thrilled to pieces with this tiny garden.
I never knew I would love succulents so!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Playing in Grandma's Trailer

 Grandson Asher loves playing, sitting, looking, 
and just being in my little trailer.

This day he came to have some little treats
that I always have waiting in a mason jar,
and play with vintage buttons!
Love the pics his mommy Heidi took.

Who can resist running your fingers through a jar full of buttons?
Not me!
More pictures of my re~do on my trailer
 I promised a long time ago very soon!

*feather bed …

Monday, August 3, 2015

In Print .. Me and My Little Trailer

Oh my! My cute little trailer and I are in print again!
I am honored.
This time in my local 

Publisher & Editor in Chief, Tracy Blanscet

has done a great job on her new magazine over the last year!
A warm and cozy magazine bringing neighbors together!

She wrote a nice article about 
and asked me to share a rewarding experience I have had with Sisters on the Fly.

You will find my quote in the lower middle paragraph about fly fishing!
You will also spot my little red & white trailer!

Also, the cover is adorable of Jack & Linda Williams, owner of Richie's Diner!
I visit this place often and love their fish & chips! 
Everything is fresh and it's a home~cooked meal every time!

THANK YOU TRACY for including little old me and my trailer! xox

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Farm~Style Kitchen Sink

Last weekend we had this awesome farm~style sink put in 
and I love it to pieces!

I have always had sinks with a divider 
and I wanted to try one big sink.
It is better then I imagined!
Pretty new faucet set and a very quiet
new garbage disposal too.
I love doing the dishes now and
going to bed with a shiny sink as the 
Fly Lady says to do!