Friday, December 9, 2016


A fun Christmas repost from last year!
Perfect for gift giving.

Recipe link HERE or on my sidebar!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting Caught Up

The last couple months ... life has happened,
and has kept me from blogging.
I have taken pictures during this time,
and now "getting caught up"!

Above ...
*Daughter Heidi made that amazing pie!
*My dryer died so until I found another one,
I enjoyed using my new umbrella clothesline!
*Crocheted a bunch more of dishcloths 
for my Granddaughter Ashley's bridal shower.
I LOVE to crochet!

Above ...

My sweet Sadie has a terrible time "molting" in the Fall.
I am babying her through this ... again.
Separated her so she won't be picked on and trying too get some weight on her. 
The Chicken Chick has given some wonderful advice to help me along.
In the meanwhile she was limping, so babied her poor leg too.
She isn't limping now!

Hubby built "another" screen door to the coop.
I have a screen door on the inside he built originally to divide the coop for me when building.
Spoiled hens!

Above ...

I gave a Bridal Shower for sweet Granddaughter Ashley!
Granddaughter Kelsey's was in Spring.

The shower was so fun! 
The picture is of me, Ashely, and her mommy Shelli, my daughter.

Look at those amazing cupcakes and macaroon's Shelli made!
Ashley's wedding is in December! Can't wait.

Above ...

There is my new dryer topped with cuteness! 
We bought a front loader HE washer & dryer. 
I love them! 
First time having a front loader washer!

I am able to still use my homemade laundry soap without any problems!
Just made a fresh batch of laundry soap this morning!
Recipe on my sidebar!

I have started a new tradition for my 3 daughters and daughter-in-love!
Every new season I will give/send them a box filled with goodness to enjoy the season with!
I started off with "Fall in a Box"!
They will get their "Winter in a Box" on Thanksgiving Day. 
I will take pics and share in next post!

*Tip: If you ever buy more than 1 yard of fabric ask for extra cardboard fabric holders!
JoAnn's Fabrics is where I get mine.

Above ...

Enjoying the coziness of Fall!
It has finally cooled down here in Southern CA.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I count my blessings everyday.

My yummy succotash recipe is on my sidebar too!
5th generation recipe!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quilting, Sewing and Crafting

My favorite place in my home is my 
Sewing Room!

Lately I have been working on a tumbler quilt.
I am slow at it but have added 3 more rows
to the one in the picture above.

The fabric jelly rolls are for future quilts!
 I have 2 Viking sewing machines.
One only for quilting, and 
one for sewing/crafting/making cards.
Love my new needle~minder!
I am going to start doing some embroidery
for the first time!
I am SEW excited! 

I use to have a hedgehog named Hedgie.
Oh, the delight I receive each day with 
these gifts of love!
It never gets old. 
I love my hens!
This is what I chose for breakfast this morning.
I never want to grow up!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Cooking Up Some YoYo Magnets

Had some fun "cooking" up a batch of 
YoYo magnets!

The strong magnets stick good to my big
cast~iron skillet.
This cute set is in my mini skillet!
I am selling them in my ETSY shop in sets of 3.

I use them all over my home.

Perfect gift for a friend that loves to
sew, quilt, bake, farmhouse style, retro, cottage, has a camper/trailer, etc...

They make me SMILE!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Sewing & Quilting Tags

Giving a little shout!

It has been a long time and back by popular demand ...  
I added gift tags to my ETSY shop, and
something new! 
I am selling them in sets of 12
All different!

I will be adding different occasions too.
Keeping busy at The Beehive Cottage!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Crafting My Heart Out

A quick post to put a shout~out that I put some new items in my 
ETSY shop!

Journals, magnets, mini notebooks, clipboards,
pincushions, crocheted dishcloths & more!  

Having way to much fun!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Busy Bee Indeed

The last 2 1/2 months have sure been busy,
and have flown by super fast! 

The next few pictures are "captions" of the days that have 
kept me a Busy Bee!

*made more cookies in a jar.
*always crocheting dishcloths!
*cooling the chickens off.
*gifted towel set from daughter Heidi.
*Nice 4th of July.  
*Celebrated a special wedding anniversary of 45 years,
and hubby surprised me with this sweet
pink sapphire, with white & chocolate diamonds.
45 years is sapphire!
*planned a bridal shower for Granddaughter Kelsey!

Since I took this picture below, we have 
bought a new stove to be delivered soon!

*the silver tray fits perfect on the burners.
*continuing to sew my tumbler quilt.
*prepping for bridal shower.
*love waking up to a shinny sink!
*the hens are 2 1/2 years old now.
I love wearing buttery soft leggings!
I have tons of them, so here are a few.
Daughter Heidi is having great success selling them LularoeHeidiAnn!
*We had 4 grandchildren with promotions this year ... 
Asher (below), Eric, Hailey & Blake!
So proud of them.
*new prongs and band for wedding ring.
*me, just before going into the Bishops'Storehouse.

*love my girls ...
top: daughter Tiffani, me, daughter Shelli,
bottom: granddaughter Ashley, granddaughter Kelsey,
daughter Heidi, and granddaughter Hailey.
Missing daughter-in-law Stephanie & granddaughter Sadie.
*Here are a few pictures of granddaughter Kelsey's bridal shower 
before it started in my family room!
It was such a special day!

Now it's almost time to do it all over again,
because granddaughter Ashley is now getting married!
*I have had my Etsy shop closed for sometime now,
due to life happenings!
I am so excited to get back into creating,
and re~opening my shop.
I will be adding items each day!
THANK YOU so much for visiting!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Busy April

A busy month of April it was!

I am amazed how quickly the year is flying by!

I have been self~teaching myself how to quilt and in the above picture(s) I am just beginning a scrappy tumbler quilt!
So far it has been easy and I am enjoying it.
I have always wanted to be a quilter and now taking baby steps into it!

April bought beautiful weather so got a pedi.
First time wearing blue!

Oh, and I love wearing Lularoe buttery soft leggings!
My daughter Heidi is a consultant and love all the dresses, shirts and leggings!

Grandma Maryjane always has jarfuls of yummy treats for the grandchildren!
One of my daughters said that her kids will always remember where they can get big soft marshmallows at!

For the last few months I have been making
Cookies in a Jar 
and keeping them on my pantry shelf!
I make about 5 different kinds and it's 
wonderful having them pre~mixed, 
and ready to make a fresh batch of cookies in minutes! 
We have had guests come unexpected and 
while visiting I am whipping up a batch!

Life is full, and good.
As in life, we all still go through trials
but with the love & support of the Lord
and family ... we can do anything!

Wishing you a wonderful month of May!

Friday, April 1, 2016

What's For Dinner?

 What's for dinner?
For some reason, Biscuits & Gravy sound really good!

It's funny how a visual aid can put a "yummy"
thought in my head.
Tomorrow we will be having breakfast for dinner!
One of our all~time favorite meals.

Below is a potpourri of some March pictures I took. 
It was a fun month filled with family gatherings.
I love my family!

I am so happy Spring is here! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beloved Fabric Sewn in My Quilt

 I love my quilt filled with flowers and a white picket fence!

When I saw this pattern that Lori Holt from
Bee in My Bonnet created, 
it brought back a flood of memories growing up!

We had a white picket fence lined with flowers and rose bushes.

I had this custom made by my sister-in-law Susan.
 Below is beloved vintage material from 1957.
My sweet Grandmother Walberg made me a dress out of it.
I was in kindergarden and remember the dress in detail!

I was recently given my Grandmother's fabric bag of scraps,
and found my dress fabric in it!
Along in the scrap bag was beloved vintage fabric from a dress 
my sweet Mother Gloria wore 
pictured below that her Mother (my Grandma Walberg) made for her when she was my age in the 1930's!

I had to have these precious fabrics
incorporated into the quilt.
It stays in one of the quest rooms.

I love it to pieces!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Make~Over on My Little Trailer

 Just before 2015 ended, I did a make~over on my little 
13 foot vintage trailer ButtonWillow!

Over the 9 years I have owned her, she has been all decked out for Christmas
to pink cowgirl style, to retro style, to now
farmhouse/shabby style!

The first area is the dinette/living area.
 Everything in here pretty much has a fond memory and pulls at my heart~strings.

I love the vintage curtains throughout because they have followed me from 2 homes.
 Behind the curtains are big silver serving forks to pull back the curtains if I wish!
They are so cute and a whimsy touch.

The sconces have battery candles
 that add such a soft glow at night.
 Somedays, I bring my little Featherweight
sewing machine in to sew,
or to take a nap!
I love to nap here when it is raining!

 I crocheted the doily under the teapot.

 A lavender sachet below scents the entire trailer!
 A belonged vintage framed Shirley Temple is a favorite!
She is my greeter at the door!
She was born the same year as my dear Mother.
Now on to the kitchen area.
A sweet little area indeed.

My favorite is the stove!
It has 4 burners and double ovens/broiler.
Custom wood covers for the sink and stovetop,
and icebox that keeps things very cold,
and airconditioning! 
Doesn't take much to cool her down.
I also have a tiny electric fireplace! 
 The cabinets are filled with pink rose Melmac!

 My Daddy use to make these pig cutting boards!
Last but not least, 
the bedroom.

My most favorite thing about it ...
I have a feather bed!
Sleeping in this sweet bed is heaven.

I have traveled from CA to Tombstone, AZ
in this baby and never missed a nights rest.

 I am working on my very first quilt 
and it will be for my bed here!
I will take a picture of it when I finish it to share.

 When not glamping, 
this little gal is parked on the side of my house.
I love that we are able to have her on our property 
because I can go play house anytime!

I have had many people over the years, driving and walking enjoy her peeking over the fence!
I have made friends because of ButtonWillow and,
I have had notes left with phone numbers if I ever want to sale her to call!
 I still have many years to enjoy my little